Beauty Review : Aztec Secret Clay Mask

I have been seeing this mask a lot online and have heard literally nothing but great things about it so I thought it would be a great idea to try it out and do a little review. First off the price point for the large jar as featured above is so affordable (under 9$!) The mask also claims many things such as tightening and smoothing of the skin, reducing acne scars, helping with current acne, etc. You can mix equal part clay with water or apple cider vinegar. (I prefer the ACV as that is great for your skin and it also bubbles when you are making the mask – wahoo!)

So I have used this several times and here are my thoughts

  • Again the price point is amazing, especially for the amount of product that you get (one mask can be made with 1 teaspoon clay and one teaspoon water or ACV so it will take you quite sometime to get through it)
  • The mask is a quick one meaning that after 15 minutes max it is dry and ready to be removed.
  • When you read the label and it talks about your face pulsating that is no joke – and it also get REALLY tight.
  • Once removed your face can be a little red (as it says on the packaging) so I would not suggest using this before applying makeup, at night would be best.
  • Your skin really is super smooth afterwards, and it does reduce the redness and size of blemishes.

Every time I use this mask I like it a little bit more. I have also read and have seen pictures of people who use it several times a week for acne and the results are crazy amazing! If you are interested you can find the mask here ; if you do try it out I would love to hear your thoughts

I hope you are having a great day wherever you are!





Mama-Hood Monday Vol 4



During this time of year it is everyone’s priority to try to not get sick, but when you are a new parent even more so! not only do you have this little person depending on you, but what if they get sick? Well in that case, you are in for a lot of learning experiences! (trying to keep it positive here! 🙂 )

Our daughter got her first cold when she was around 3 months and it was really hard. The most difficult part for me was not being able to communicate and tell her she is okay and will feel better soon – but fear not, like all unpleasant things, this too shall pass! In order to help all parents out there with a sick little one I thought I would share the things that helped our family feel better and get over being sick.

(please keep in mind these are things that helped us and I am no doctor, please don’t hesitate to contact yours with questions. There are no dumb questions, especially when it is regarding the health of your children!)


  1. Oil Defuser – We own two of these and they are wonderful! they also have a light that goes through all the colors and is super relaxing
  2. Eucalyptus oil to defuse – I purchased this set of oils as a stocking stuffer for my husband. Super affordable and includes the most popular oils, great for someone who is starting out with defusing.
  3. Vick’s VapoRub – We bought this as an obvious choice, but it honestly does help.  I will actually put it on the bottom of my feet as well as my daughters and put socks on before going to bed. I think this works even better than putting it on your chest.
  4. Dr Bronner’s Organic Hand Sanitizer – Ordered a two pack of these and I LOVE them! I am not a fan of regular hand sanitizer as I hate how dry it makes my hands, but this stuff does not have that effect of my skin and it smells so good.
  5. Teething Toy Cow – Found this little lady on super clearance at the grocery store and Ro loves it! Sometimes toys can be a great distraction for sick babies, especially when they squeak like this one!
  6. Nasal aspirator – You can find them here, at the grocery store or even at the dollar store. Babies can’t blow their noses so as a parent you get the wonderful task of sucking it out. (I know you are jumping for joy after reading that…) As gross as it can be, it is much-needed relief for your little one.
  7. Car Ride – This might sound a little crazy, but when our daughter first got sick she would sleep of an hour or so then wake up screaming because she felt so bad. My amazing husband had a wonderful idea of taking her for a car ride to see if she would sleep longer and she did! A little over 3 hours (this does not sound like much but belive me when I say that 3 hours is a gift from the gods when you have been up all night with a screaming child.)

I would love to hear your tips and tricks for comforting baby when sick in the comments below. I hope you are having a great day wherever you are.





If you are anything like me you have a true love for doilies and vintage linens. Growing up my mom always had a long doily on my dresser, and still sometimes has them out for different things. (that is probably were I get it from!) I thought of this idea when I saw all these different doilies at the thrift store. I always love all the different patters and colors, but since 2018 is the year of the purge I force myself to leave them behind unless I know exactly what I am using them for; and lucky me I thought of something!

Supplies needed:

-Doilies (I used around 12 and spent around 10 dollars for all my doilies. I also ended up cutting one in half

-Heat seaming (I used this)


-old towel (to place under your project so you don’t ruin your ironing board cover)

-Iron (also water for steam)


As you can tell all my doilies are different shapes sizes and colors, I preferred it this way, but you can always stick to one shape or size – that is the great thing about do it yourself it is whatever you want!


Next I did move the doilies around until I came up with a pattern that I liked. IMG_3973

Then i started “gluing” the doilies together with the heat stitch (make sure to have your old towel underneath!) IMG_3974

Make sure to read the label carefully as some heat stitch products do not need steam.IMG_3977

Let all the heat stitch cool and then lay it out and enjoy! (a little bit of a odd angle, but you get the idea 🙂 )


best salt and pepper shakers ever! They can be found a Target, the tray and milk glass are thrifted, and the plant is from Wal-Mart found on clearance IMG_3982

Let me know what you think of this DIY and also if you want more DIY posts.

I have you are having a great day wherever you are!


Drug Store Makeup Must Haves



I love makeup just as much as the next girl, but it is definitely hard for me to go to Sephora or Ulta each time I need something and spend $20 a pop! I am on a budget and sadly (as much as I would love it) a make-up fund is not a part of it. That being said I thought that I would share my favorite drug store items; read on to hear more about my favorites.

Maybelline Matte and Poreless 

this foundation has been a consistent product since i first discovered it. At the time I have somewhat oily skin, but as I get older I am becoming a little more dry and this guy knocks it out of the park regardless. It is medium to full coverage that lasts all day. It also does not settle in your fine lines or break up on your face after hours of wear.

Milani Rose Blush

The packaging first attracted me to this blush, too cute! I am a fan of most Milani products but I do especially like this one as it is super affordable, the pigment is great and blendable.

Revlon “Cherries in the Snow” 

This one is an oldie but a goodie! it is really the perfect bright red for any season along with also being hydrating and long wearing. I have to admit that I am kind of over the liquid lipstick trend, most tend to be too dry for my liking so I do often revert to the classic tube lipstick. The name of this shade is also to die for!

Wet n’ Wild Highlighter

If you want your highlight to be seen a mile away this is totally the affordable highlighter for you. Such an awesome price point as well a pigment! They have several colors / shades and all the names are super cute as well.

Essence Rock n’ Doll Mascara 

I truly used to think that all mascara was the same until I saw a beauty blogger taking about Essence brand mascara and decided to give it a try, and boy am I glad I did. I love this stuff and I think it is around 6$! I would compare it to Benefit, Their Real mascara, but at a fraction of the price. Smooth application every time, coats the lashes very well, no flaking, and really lasts! Boo-ya!

NYC Liquid Eyeliner

This little guy is my favorite for winger liner, it has the best little brush for sleek lines and the perfect point on a cat eye. It is so inexpensive, dries matte and lasts. THe one downside can be a little flaking after you have been wearing it all day, but I have had high end eyeliners do that as well, so I will let that slide… 🙂

I would love to hear about your favorite drug store beauty items in the comments.

Hope you are having a great day wherever you are.


Mama-Hood Monday Vol. 3

MamaHood Monday3-3Mama-Hood Monday 3-2 (2)

When we started telling people that we were expecting one of the first things people would say is “you will never sleep again!” not really the greatest thing to hear when I already felt exhausted constantly and was also forcing myself to eat everyday while combating never-ending morning sickness.

I will be real and tell you sleep does come in small amounts when baby first arrives, but the good news is that it does not last forever; Your baby will eventually sleep through the night as will you.

A great piece of advise that I heard when I was still up a lot at night was this, All new parents are exhausted but try not to think of that time, in the middle of the night, with your baby as a negative, cherish it. The rest of the world is quite and that time of night when your baby needs you, it is just you two – those are special moments that you will never get back.

I will be the first to tell you that babies don’t keep! They grow and change everyday and truthfully you will sometimes miss them needing you as much as they once did – I definitely do with my little love bug!

With that being said I did research a lot about sleep routines before I had my daughter and lucky it all paid off around the 5 month mark (please remember to take everything I say with a grain of salt as this was just my experience as a new mom)

Starting at around a month of age I began doing a night time routine with my daughter. We would change into out PJ’s, put on some soft music at a low volume, dim the lights and read for 5-10 minutes. I would put her down when she was sleepy, but not asleep, and if needed she would get a pacifier. (These are her favorite) Now I am not saying this is magic, some nights she was like, hell no, I’m ready to talk and kick and be silly. (Totally adorable, but when you are sleep deprived, not so much) But I do also think that consistency with this is key. We have only veered from this several times (like when we drove from CO to CA when she was 2 months old) and guess what – she slept horribly those nights! Routines can definitely get old for adults, but for babies they are comforting and help them learn what you want them / need them to be doing.

Below are links to a few products that really helped us, I would love to hear about what worked for you and your baby

Cozy Sleep Sacks

Rock n’ Play

Constellation Turtle Light

Muslin Swaddle Blankets

xoxo, Allison

Decor Trend : Gothic Chic

Gothic Chic

I know what you are thinking, excuse me Gothic? yes, Gothic, and I am not referring to the phase you had in high school, I am talking about a breath taking decor trend! I am so in love with this style that it is all I look at on Pinterest.

It not only incorporates rich deep colors, but also vintage and modern pieces. There are many details in this decorating style while still maintaining its elegance. I also love that there are elements of nature in each design.

I am itching to use this as inspiration for a room design, DIY, or maybe even my cube at work!

I would love to hear about your favorite decor trends currently and what makes you gravitate to them

I hope you are having a great day wherever you are 🙂


*all design images via Pinterest

Organization – What is that again?…


Does anyone else get lost in Pinterest boards of home organization and storage? It truley can be a black hole, but also so satisfying to look at – that is until you get up from your computer and look at you own home to see the overwhelming amount of stuff!

I have made a goal for 2018 to be the year of the purge in our house. I will be honest with you and admit that I am a little bit of a hoarder. I find meaning in  a lot of items and I am working on moving past it. I really want to get this book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up because I have heard nothing but wonderful things! I have also heard that it really helps people get rid of stuff and this mama needs that.

One of my main issues is that I will take time to organize something and a month later it will need to be organized again! (Yikes, I know) I would love to hear any tips or tricks you have to get rid of things, getting organized, and staying organized

I hope you hare having a great day wherever you are!