MamaHood Monday : Feeling Good About Your Body After Pregnancy

^yes, I totally had a beer and a cinnamon roll right after giving birth! #EarnedIt

As a new mom there is a lot of pressure to “bounce back” after having a baby. Well, I am here to tell you that childbirth is not easy (or pretty) and mama you need some time! When I say time, I am not talking a few months, I am talking about years! I know that sounds so crazy but I read a article the other day that said some doctors believe it takes 9 months for a woman’s body to fully recover from pregnancy and birth. That is just your body getting back to normal – and there was no mention of toned abs or diets anywhere! I am a firm believer that it is okay to look human, and that means it is okay to have flaws. I thought I would share a few of my own mantras for a positive body image after baby

– being a great mom and wife is more important to me than loosing weight or having my ideal body

– food is awesome! Eat healthy but treat yourself too! You take care of a mini human everyday – you need the fuel

– treat your body well, healthy food, staying active and also caring for your mind. Positivity in all things!

– what is all over social media is not real life. (A beautiful reminder of real women being Mothers on instagram – @takebackpostpartum)

– you grew a human, you are amazing! Your body will never be exactly like it was so embrace the change!

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  1. Great piece. I can relate to this after just having my their child! I look forward to reading more.

    1. BabyFaceBetty says:

      Thank you!

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