It’s Valentine’s Day…

I tolerate you

I am sure that many of you out there feel me when I say that I am not into Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me wrong the get the whole flowers, chocolate, diamonds bit, the part I don’t understand is it is one day a year designed to put major pressure on people in relationships and then expects single people to wallow in misery with a tub of ice cream. (Take no offense if you are single or not, if you are happy that is what matters! and let’s get real a tub of ice cream is ah-maz-ing either way)

My husband and I have never really celebrated Valentine’s Day, even when we were dating, i just don’t really like it (now let me clarify, I ALWAYS like diamonds and maybe if I got those every year I would feel differently, but alas I do not) Mostly kidding, but what I am trying to say is love should be given, shown and shared every day with the people you hold dear, for the rest, well I just tolerate them 😉


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