Amazon Favorites

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So we all know that Amazon is taking over the world right? We I have to say that I totally jumped on the band wagon because it is so convenient and they literally have anything you need or want. Also, the Prime membership is a awesome thing to get new parents (that is how we go sucked in and I am never looking back) Below are the link to a few of my current favorites and re-orders (click on the title to find them on Amazon)

I would love to hear about your favorite things in the comment section!

Veeda Natural Tampons

weird, yes, awesome, also yes! the older I get the more concerned I have become with the ingredients of everything – including feminine items. I feel a little better during my time of the month knowing that i am using a organic, cotton only product.

BS-Mall Makeup Brush Set

I was skeptical of these bad dogs when I saw the price, but when i saw the reviews I thought why not?! I am so glad I ordered them, I have had these since October and I am still a big fan (I do always suggest washing makeup brushes before use)

Lappi Baby Bassinet

Our daughter did not like laying in her cradle or on flat surface to sleep at night because of all the open space around her. I was searching online trying to find the perfect solution and this is it! It is half the price of a Dock-a-Tot and I think it works great! (I was willing to buy a Dock-a-Tot because they have such great reviews but I wanted to see if something more affordable would work first and lucky me, it did!) This product is also machine washable which is a huge plus!

Himalayan Salt Lamp

I am all about the natural energy that things posses and what they can do to the “vibes” in your home and work spaces. These salt lamps are so awesome for clearing negative energy and also looking beautiful! They also really help with respiratory issues which is great because asthma runs in the family.

Five pound bag of Haribo Gummy Bears

Don’t judge me, mama just likes her gummy bears! Also buying them in bulk like this is much more economical than the little bags.

Silicon Baby Bibs

Best. Thing. Ever! especially when you have a little one that is just trying “solid” foods. So easy to clean off, wipe down and store.

Beauty Glazed Makeup Palette 

This palette is inspired by the Jaclyn Hill Morphy palette that I sadly was not able to purchase. I found this and the reviews were great, so I took a leap of faith and so far I have been pleasantly surprised with how great it is



Thanks for reading – Hope you are having a great day wherever you are!



It’s Valentine’s Day…

I tolerate you

I am sure that many of you out there feel me when I say that I am not into Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me wrong the get the whole flowers, chocolate, diamonds bit, the part I don’t understand is it is one day a year designed to put major pressure on people in relationships and then expects single people to wallow in misery with a tub of ice cream. (Take no offense if you are single or not, if you are happy that is what matters! and let’s get real a tub of ice cream is ah-maz-ing either way)

My husband and I have never really celebrated Valentine’s Day, even when we were dating, i just don’t really like it (now let me clarify, I ALWAYS like diamonds and maybe if I got those every year I would feel differently, but alas I do not) Mostly kidding, but what I am trying to say is love should be given, shown and shared every day with the people you hold dear, for the rest, well I just tolerate them 😉


Vintage Finds

Vintage findsDSC_1405DSC_1403rsz_dsc_1392rsz_dsc_1429

Anyone who has scored a designer anything for pennies on the dollar knows the feeling of thrifting victory! There really is nothing like it, feeling excited, amazed and maybe even a little giddy? I have learned a lot of things over the years about vintage and more current designer items and it has paid off when combing the racks and shelves at my local thrift store. Below are a few things that make it easier for me to spot designer shoes, I would also love to hear your tips for success at the thrift store (designer items or not!)

  1. do your research! I will be the first to admit that I spend more time than I should on websites for authenticated designer resale. Sometimes it can seem like a black hole I can’t get myself out of, but it has actually paid off knowing what older labels, logos and styles look like for designer footwear.
  2. Don’t get too excited too quickly I too have fallen trap to the dreaded knock off because I got way too excited too quickly. If you have doubts something is real, well, you are probably right. The quality of designer items speaks for itself and are close to perfect with details, labels, land logos – trust your gut!
  3. Pay attention to the details Sometimes thrift stores, consignment shops or even estate sales can be crazy, with a capital C! Just because it is busy don’t rush yourself when looking. Some of the smallest details give the you most information.
  4. Take care of those beauties! In this day and age not many people (my husband included) want to take the time to fix things, when other people (myself included) would rather fix and keep everything. I am the same way with all my shoes – designer or not. Like anything, you have to care for it to make it last. I think everyone should know where a cobbler is and use their services. Not only does it help to keep your kicks looking beautiful, but it also helps local businesses.

If you are interested in the shoes shown above I also have a Etsy shop here


Mama-Hood Monday Vol. 1

Mama-Hood Monday1DSC_1810

There are so many scary things about pregnancy – from the first positive test to the moment the doctor comes into the room and tells you its time, you (or at least I was) filled with worry, doubt and thoughts of “can I do this?” Well I am here to tell you that you can, and all the fears you have are valid, but useless until the situation arises (which hopefully it wont!) I am a firm believer that women are the strongest creatures on earth, but we all need a little support sometimes right?! Below were some of my top fears going into labor and how I coped in order to have a welcoming environment for our little one.

      1. Something will go wrong

I know all my control freak, A-type personalities (like myself) can relate with this one! I was so scared that something would go wrong, and I would not be able to contribute to a resolution or control anything. Well to be honest there is not much you can do to stifle this fear, but having a supportive partner (or support system) to share these concerns with does help. I also tried to replace each negative thought, with a positive one which helped me change my outlook.

     2. I would be too tired to keep pushing

I was very luck to be able to have a natural birth, but once I knew that was the official birth plan (when we were in the hospital) I immediately thought, what if I get too tired? But once the time came the complete opposite happened, I had so many emotions and LOTS of nerves that I was ready to put all I had and more into getting my daughter out as fast as they told me too. When she was out and laying on my belly, yes I was tired, but there was no way I would change those moments. Sleep is definitely something you do not get much of in the first few months with a new baby, but it is totally worth it.

   3. How will I know what to do after the baby is delivered?

Guess what, no first time parents have any idea what to do once the baby is born, and what is even better is that your baby doesn’t know either so you can learn together! Doctors, nurses, lactation consultants are all there to help, so if  you have questions ask! the only dumb question is the one that is not asked, and I assure you that they have heard it all so there is nothing to get embarrassed about. (and honestly after you give birth most of the people you see on the regular have seen all of you up close and personal anyway)

I will be doing a mama-hood post every Monday, so stay tuned for more. Please note that these posts are based on my own thoughts, feelings, and experiences so take with a grain of salt and sense of humor. 🙂


We are in for a wild ride…


Although is still a work in progress I am super excited to be back blogging again! I missed the creativity it gives me to share and create what I want without rules or boundaries. I am feeling super motivated and full of ideas and although I am not sure where this road will lead me I do know we are in for a wild ride – I hope to see you along the way!